Monday, April 21, 2008

Second Shot

Had my second injection today. It got delayed a couple days after a minor dental thing, the next injection is four months from now.

I didn't follow up after the first injection, I should say that I didn't notice any side-effects at all, I suspect the second one will go the same way.

I had a lovely discussion with the nurse who did the injections, she's involved with writing protocols for the clinic, and said I was to give her a ring if I got any trouble about the injection. I said that I expected some confusion but that everyone had been cool and reasonable about it.

I guess I should say more about this. Off-label use of any sort of procedure or medication is going to raise eyebrows, particularly if a medication someone has only ever seen given to (say) women is being given to men. Given the serious danger of error in any sort of medical prescription, it's only right that unusual applications of medications, particularly off-labels ones, should raise enough attention for people to at least double-check that the prescription was, say, written correctly. This isn't bias or discrimination, it's just good "systems engineering" to make sure that the chances of medical error are reduced. I don't sweat it, if you find yourself in my position, you shouldn't either.