Friday, September 11, 2009

HPV second biggest cause of lung cancer?

Y'know how I've been mentioning that HPV isn't just an issue of cervical cancer, but also neck, mouth, throat, esophogus and penis cancers? Now perhaps we can add lung cancer to that list.

A study out of the Institute of Pathology, published in the journal "Lung Cancer" (v.65, issue 1) finds a strong linkage between HPV and lung cancer.

The authors conclude:
The data suggest that HPV is the second most important cause of lung cancer after cigarette smoking and strongly argues for additional research on this issue.

While nobody is saying that HPV vaccines are a cure, nor are they a single solution to cancer numbers of types of cancer some strains of HPV are involved in is very telling. I suspect that developing widespread herd immunity to carcinogenic HPV strains will have a statistically significant effect on cancer in the United States and the World. What's not to like?


Steve Allen said...
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Steve Allen said...

doi may be best for most folks

I can see the abstract here

Joe said...

Steve: I'm unfamiliar, the link I gave for me goes directly to the abstract, which is all most folks are going to be able (I think, correct me if I'm wrong) to see. Yeah? (I'm probably missing something obvious, please drop me a clue!)

Steve Allen said...

your link went to an error page while I was on campus.
This could be browser, or it could be that the campus IP addresses have subscription to the full text, or something else. With the walled garden kinds of URLs I often have to try all avenues and suggest several.